GSA Standing Committees

The Graduate Student Association has the following committees on which department representatives serve.
  • Research Symposium Planning Committee
  • Brennan and Recognition Awards Committee
  • Conference Awards Committee
  • Social Events Committee
  • Wellness Week Committee
Occasionally, the GSA has ad hoc committees created by the GSA President to address particular needs.  Some of these committees include:
  • Constitutional Review Committee (currently active for 2017-18)
  • Conference Awards Committee (2016-17; now a standing committee)
  • Special Task Force Committee (2015-16)
                                            2017-18 GSA Committee Members
 Research Symposium    Brennan and Recognition Awards   Conference Awards Social Events Wellness Week Constitutional Review
Dulce Vega, Co-Chair
Nick Reed, Co-Chair
Alex Fajardo, Co-Chair
Destiny Brooks
Katie Hixon
Melissa Kuziak
Kristen Wehmeyer
Yuchen Liu
Allegra Merriweather
Nigarhan Gurpinar
Shabnam Majidi
Allison Claudson
Adam Thieret
Sasinun Punsuwun
Dru Swadener
Randy Gallamore
Amy Nelson, Co-Chair
Emily Pestello, Co-Chair
Jason Carbone
Stephanie Groth
Matthew Holder
James "Twigz" McGuire
Alex Fajardo
Laura Estes, Co-Chair
Alex Fajardo, Co-Chair  
Daniel Pike
Meera Muthukrishnan
Alex Sy

Bethany Marshall, Chair
Kristin Skubic
Mike MacKillop
Allyson Cochran
Ashley Moyna
Min Zhuang
James Meinert
Alex Fajardo
Kristin Broussard, Chair
Mariah Hassert, Co-Chair
Andrea Cuartas
Ami Patel
Allegra Merriweather
Kim Stallings
Cicely Hunter
Christopher Mecherle
Erin Fabbri
Madeleine Bresnahan
Jes Stevens, Co-Chair
Katie Radler, Co-Chair
Amy Nelson
Farah Habli
Alex Fajardo