GSA Standing Committees

The Graduate Student Association has the following committees on which department representatives serve.
  • Research Symposium Planning Committee 
    • Plans and runs the logistics leading up to the annual Graduate Research Symposium in the Spring Semester
    • Reviews submissions from SLU graduate students for presentation at the Symposium
  • Brennan and Recognition Awards Committee 
    • Reviews applications for the Brennan Summer Fellowship Awards
    • Reviews nominations for the three GSA Recognition Awards 
  • Conference Awards Committee 
    • Reviews conference awards applications for funding throughout the academic year
  • Social Events Committee 
    • Plans and runs social events for SLU graduate students throughout the year
    • Organizes the annual GSA Kickball Tournament held each September/October
  • Wellness Week Committee 
    • Plans and runs events for physical and mental wellness of graduate students
    • Events normally occur at the end of the Fall Semester
Occasionally, the GSA has ad hoc committees created by the GSA President to address particular needs.  Some of these committees include:
  • Constitutional Review Committee 
  • Conference Awards Committee (2016-17 policy committee; now a standing committee)
  • Special Task Force Committee on graduate assistant health insurance (2015-16)
2018-19 GSA Committee Members

 Research Symposium    Brennan and Recognition Awards   Conference Awards Social Events Wellness Week
Nick Reed, Co-Chair
Alex Fajardo, Co-Chair
Dulce Vega, Co-Chair
Alex Taylor
Valerie Crook
Annie Friedrich
Amy C. Nelson
Amy C. Nelson, Co-Chair
Tori Cannon, Co-Chair
Clark Johnson
Asabe Garba
Heidi Moore
Katrina Seal

Alex Fajardo, Co-Chair
Daniel Pike, Co-Chair
Shaun Mathews
Eric Sears
Justin Lorenz

Emily Deeba, Co-Chair
Allyson Cochran, Co-Chair
Andrew Wall
Katie Richardson
Deepan Rajaratnam
Alex Fajardo
Sana Syed, Chair
Emily Pestello
Robin Hoover
Dustin Jamboretz
Elisavet Konstantinidou
Laurel Cook
Erin Fabbri
Rachel Moore