GSA Standing Committees

The Graduate Student Association has the following committees on which department representatives serve.
  • Research Symposium Planning Committee
  • Brennan and Recognition Awards Committee
  • Conference Awards Committee
  • Social Events Committee
  • Wellness Week Committee
Occasionally, the GSA has ad hoc committees created by the GSA President to address particular needs.  Some of these committees include:
  • Constitutional Review Committee (currently active for 2017-18)
  • Conference Awards Committee (2016-17; now a standing committee)
  • Special Task Force Committee (2015-16)
                                            2017-18 GSA Committee Members
 Research Symposium    Brennan and Recognition Awards   Conference Awards Social Events Wellness Week Constitutional Review
Dulce Vega, Co-Chair
Nick Reed, Co-Chair
Alex Fajardo, Co-Chair
Destiny Brooks
Katie Hixon
Melissa Kuziak
Kristen Wehmeyer
Yuchen Liu
Allegra Merriweather
Nigarhan Gurpinar
Shabnam Majidi
Allison Claudson
Adam Thieret
Sasinun Punsuwun
Dru Swadener
Amy Nelson, Co-Chair
Emily Pestello, Co-Chair
Jason Carbone
Stephanie Groth
Matthew Holder
Randy Gallamore
James "Twigz" McGuire
Alex Fajardo
Laura Estes, Co-Chair
Alex Fajardo, Co-Chair  
Daniel Pike
Meera Muthukrishnan
Alex Sy
Nikoleta Konstantoni

Bethany Marshall, Chair
Kristin Skubic
Mike MacKillop
Allyson Cochran
Ashley Moyna
Min Zhuang
James Meinert
Alex Fajardo
Kristin Broussard, Chair
Andrea Cuartas
Ami Patel
Mariah Hassert
Allegra Merriweather
Kim Stallings
Cicely Hunter
Christopher Mecherle
Erin Fabbri
Madeleine Bresnahan
Jes Stevens, Co-Chair
Katie Radler, Co-Chair
Amy Nelson
Caleb Bobo
Farah Habli
Alex Fajardo