Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Awards FAQs

Is my conference eligible for a GSA conference award?

An academic conference's primary focus is the exchange of research findings. This is done primarily by participants, whom are given the possibility to present their own work. Such conferences are usually put on by academic societies or scientific organizations. The conference schedule may contain concise presentations by participants, keynote speakers, social events, and/or vendor booths. However, participant presentations comprise the bulk of the conference time. If you receive continuing education credits, you are not eligible for conference awards. Please contact GSA with questions about the eligibility of any conference award before you travel.

I am not sure if I have been paid yet, how can I check this?

To check whether your GSA conference award has been processed, please log into MySLU, go to the Tools tab, then go to the Payment Suite tab, and then click on New Account Activity. Your GSA conference award will be listed under the title "GSA Award". There may be a delay of several days between when the award is listed in your student account and when you receive your payment (via direct deposit or mail). If 30 days has passed and you have not been paid, please email In addition, you can call finance regarding the status of your payment at 314-977-2350.

How will I receive the conference award money? Can this award be directly deposited into my bank account?

Your conference award will be deposited to your student finance account. This is the account to which tuition and health insurance is billed. If you have a balance, your conference award will be deducted from this balance. If you have a balance of $0.00 you will be mailed a check. Remember, although the award will be deposited to your account, you will receive a check only if your student account balance is $0.00 or if your account balance is less than the conference award. If you would like this check to be directly deposited into your banking or checking account, please log into MySLU, go to the Tools tab, then go to the Payment Suite tab, and then follow the instructions for eRefunds. Remember, you will only have this award deposited in your account if you have a balance of $0.00 or an account balance less than your conference award.

I don't have my boarding passes - what should I do?

This situation is not uncommon, but you still need to provide GSA with proof of flight. In order to obtain this after the fact, please email the airline asking them to email you confirmation that you flew. You can ask them to either send a document showing the times your boarding passes were scanned or an email simply confirming that you flew with them on your travel dates. You can find an email address for the airlines on their "contact us" page. If you are delayed in receiving a response from the airlines, please email us at Also, if you are a member of the airline's frequent flier program, you may be able to login to your account and find a section which shows your past flights. This would also serve as proof of flight.Publication Awards.