Frequently Asked Questions

Publication Awards FAQs

Is my publication eligible?

In order to be eligible, it must be an academic publication in a variety of formats, including books, articles, software, or web-based publications. If you have a question about whether your publication is eligible, please email

Is my publication expense eligible?

Examples of eligible publication expenses include manuscript submission fees, author offprint fees, indexing costs, and other costs charged to the graduate student author by the publisher. Costs associated with research towards the development of a publication are not eligible. Examples of such ineligible expenses include: travel to archives, reprint requests, laboratory supplies. If you have a question about whether your publication expense is eligible, please email

The following graduate programs are ineligible for Publication Awards:

  • All programs in the School for Professional Studies

  • All programs in the School of Social Work (other than PhD students)

  • All programs in the Chaifetz School of Business (other than PhD students)

In addition, faculty and staff members of SLU who are also graduate students are only eligible for funding if they pay the Graduate Student Activities Fee each semester.