GSA Committees

GSA welcomes any graduate student interested in joining a committee! GSA Department Representatives are required to serve on one committee each year.

Brennan Recognition Awards Committee

This committee reviews applications for the Brennan Summer Fellowship Awards and also reviews nominations for the three GSA Recognition Awards. For further information, contact

Research Symposium Planning Committee

Members of this committee plan and run the logistics leading up to the annual Graduate Research Symposium in the Spring Semester and review submissions from SLU graduate students for presentation at the Symposium. For more information, contact

Conference Awards Committee

Members of the Conference Award Committee review conference awards applications for funding throughout the academic year. For details, contact

Social Events Committee

This committee organizes the annual GSA Kickball Tournament held each September/October and plans and runs social events for SLU graduate students throughout the year. For more details, contact

Wellness Week Committee

Members of this committee are responsible for planning and running events for physical and mental wellness of graduate students. Events normally occur at the end of the Fall Semester. For additional information, contact

Ad Hoc Committees

Occasionally, the GSA has ad hoc committees created to address particular needs. Some of these committees include Constitutional and Bylaw Review Committee (2019-2020), Executive Board Positional Committee (2019-2020), and a Special Task Force Committee on Graduate Assistant Health Insurance (2015-2016).