GSA General Assembly

Meeting Dates, Times, and Locations

The governing body of the GSA is the General Assembly (GA). The GA is comprised of graduate student representatives from all departments and programs meeting the membership requirements of the GSA Constitution. Any other registered full-­time and part­-time graduate students of the University are considered non-voting members, entitled to information and participation at meetings.

The GSA General Assembly will meet four times during the fall (August-December) and spring (January-April) semesters; no GSA General Assembly meetings will occur over the summer.

The GSA General Assembly meeting dates, times, and locations for the Spring 2021 semester are:

  • Wednesday, February 3 from 3-5pm

  • Wednesday, March 3 from 3-5pm

  • Wednesday, March 31 from 3-5pm

  • Wednesday, April 28 from 3-5pm