GSA Department Representatives

American Studies

Kendyl Schmidt


Emily Quartarone


Athletic Training

Maddie Cavanaugh

Maddie Cavanaugh is originally from Carmel, Indiana and is in her first year of the professional phase in the Athletic Training Program. Maddie sits on the NATA Student Leadership Committee representing District 5. She looks forward to here next two years as a graduate student at SLU.


Amra Kardasevic


Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Sahiti Kuppa

Originally from India, I moved to Saint Louis in 2019 along with my lab from Marquette University, Wisconsin. I am a second-year graduate student in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Antony Lab. Our lab focuses on exploring the function of a crucial Replication Protein A and unraveling its role in maintaining genomic stability, oncology.


Emily Cybulla

Originally from Northern Michigan, I moved to St. Louis in 2016 after completing my undergraduate degree at Loyola University Chicago and serving as a post-graduate Jesuit Volunteer in Syracuse, NY. Currently, I am a 5th year MD/PhD candidate pursuing my graduate degree in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Vindigni Lab. Our lab focuses on elucidating mechanisms of DNA replication stress response in cancer, with the goal of targeting these pathways to improve cancer sensitivity to chemotherapy.



Andrew Wall

Andy is a 4th year PhD student representing the Biology Department. His current dissertation project investigates the roles of glutathione synthesis and import in the pathogen, Group B Streptococcus.


Jeffrey Lin

Jeffrey is Master's student researching antifungals in Dr. Maureen Donlin’s lab. He went to Saint Louis University as his undergraduate degree. His professional goal is to become a patent attorney.


Center for Advanced Dental Education (CADE)

Meagan Inclan

Meagan Inclan is a current second year pediatric dental resident. Before studying at SLU, Meagan attended the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. She is looking forward to serving as a representative for the Center for Advanced Dental Education.


Alexandra Mai


Center for Anatomical Science & Education (CASE)

Alex Taylor

Alex is a current 5th Year Anatomy Ph.D. student in the Center for Anatomical Science and Education. As a doctoral student in Anatomy within the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, he has served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy courses offered to Medical, Physician Assistant, Allied Health, and Graduate Anatomy students. Within GSA, Alex has served as a Department Representative for the past three years and as a Co-Chair for the Graduate Research Symposium for the past two years.



Megan Rudolphi

Megan is currently a second year graduate student in Dr. Brent Znosko’s lab. Before studying at SLU, she attended McKendree University where she received her BS in Chemistry. She is excited to be involved with GSA


Michael Green

Michael graduated from SLU in 2015 with a B.S. in Biochemistry. After 3 years in industry he returned to SLU, and is currently working on a M.S. in Chemistry in the Arnatt group.



Alyssa Coffey

Alyssa is a 2nd year Master's student in the Communication department studying political communication. She is a St. Louis native and volunteers for the St. Louis Queer+ Support Helpline.

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Computer Science

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Sidney Sheridan

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Carly Finegan

Carly Finegan is an MS student in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, pursuing a MS in Geosciences with a concentration in Environmental Geosciences. Carly is completing research on urban stream chemistry in the St. Louis area and the sources of different pollutants for the stream. Outside of research, Carly enjoys participating in outdoor activities, cheering on her favorite sports teams (including the Michigan State University Spartans), and admiring geologic formations.



Hailey Choi

Engineering, Aviation, and Technology

Constance Wall

Hussein Khalaf


Laura Hardin Marshall

Laura Hardin Marshall is a fourth-year PhD candidate with the English Department, specializing in Rhetoric and Composition. Her research interests center on feedback and revision, composition pedagogy, and writing consulting. Outside of research, Laura devotes her time to student and instructor support, specifically through writing center and writing program administration.


Simone Sparks

Simone Sparks (they/them) is a first year M.A. student in English Literature & SLU Diversity Fellow, also pursuing a graduate certificate in American Studies. Their research interests are primarily grounded in disability theory & politics. They are a co-founder of Rainbow Workers Alliance, a grassroots community coalition focusing on securing workplace protections and dignified wages for LGBTQIA+ people in the St. Louis area. They are also an active musician & music teacher, and hope to cultivate multidisciplinary pedagogy in contemporary educational spaces.


Health Care Ethics

Addison Tenorio

Addison Tenorio is a third year student in the Health Care Ethics dual degree program with the Aquinas Institute, having just received her MA in Theology in May 2020. Her research interests center around Catholic health care ethics and limited English proficient patients’ encounters with health care.


Healthcare Management Policy

Frank Patejdl



Thomas Morin

Thomas Morin is a third-year doctoral graduate student in the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, where he studies the history and culture of the medieval Mediterranean world. Before coming to SLU, Thomas was an officer in the U.S. Army for eight years. He is married with one child.


Nick Lewis


Integrated & Applied Sciences

Sourav Bhadra


International Business & Marketing

Nicolas Jankuhn


Languages, Literature, and Cultures

Natalie Valero



Kathleen Kramer


Medical Family Therapy

David Stewart

David Stewart is a functional strength and conditioning specialist at an integrative functional medicine facility in St. Louis. He has been working in the health and wellness field for the past decade, and is excited about his opportunity in pursuit of a degree in family medicine from Saint Louis University. He resides in Creve Coeur, MO with wife (Kelly) and daughter (Lucy). David is passionate about healthcare and working with individuals as an agent of change as they pursue their path to well-being.

Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Lizzie Geerling

Lizzie is a third year PhD student in the MMI department researching the impact of obesity on immune responses to viral infections. In her free time she loves going to farmer's markets, buying new plants and making fiber art crafts.



Wanich Suksatan

Wanich is a 2nd year Ph.D. nursing student at SLU’s School of Nursing, also employed as a lecturer of nursing at HRH Princess Chulabhorn College of Medical Science, Chulabhorn Royal Academy, Thailand. His research interests include health promotion, heart failure patients, and rehospitalization.


Laura Duellman

Nutrition & Dietetics

Kate Aragon

Kate Aragon is a current first-year graduate student in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics studying Clinical Nutrition. She received her BS in Education and Human Sciences emphasized in Dietetic Practice from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May 2020, and will continue to further her education as a Dietetic Intern in the St. Louis area. Originally from the Pacific Island of Guam, Kate is beginning her research regarding diversity and inclusion in the field of Nutrition and its application to other minority groups such as Pacific Islanders.


Occupational Therapy

Fiona Tilson



Allyson Cochran


Paul Willard


Pharmacological and Physiological Science

Stephanie Michalski


Monica Pavlack

Monica is a 3rd year student in the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology at the School of Medicine. She studies the protein progranulin in the context of frontotemporal dementia (FTD). She aims to develop a therapeutic agent targeting progranulin and reverse cellular deficits that are exhibited with a loss of progranulin.



Yiling Zhou

Yiling Zhou is a forth-year Ph.D. student in the philosophy department. She is working on ethical questions related to moral responsibility and the self.

James "Twigz" McGuire

Twigz is a 5th year doctoral candidate in philosophy. His areas are social and political philosophy and ethics. He is especially interested in local community. For fun, renewal, and humanity, he likes to hike, canoe, play soccer, write (poetry), paint, and read (yes, he still like to read after a PhD program!)

Physical Assistant

Physical Therapy

Ryleigh Akridge

My name is Ryleigh Akridge, originally from Denver, CO, and I am in my second year in the Program in Physical Therapy.


Clare O'Carroll

My name is Clare O'Carroll and I am a second year graduate student in the Physical Therapy program. I graduated with a BSES and minor in Spanish in May of 2020 and look optimistically forward to a wildly changing and uncertain year ahead. I am excited to be involved with GSA this semester and to connect with members of other graduate programs at SLU.


Physician Assistant

Scotty Cicciarelli

Scotty Cicciarelli is entering his second year in the SLU PA program as a part of the class of '21. His medical interests include pediatric care, emergency medicine, and orthopedics. Scotty is looking forward to beginning his clinical work and getting involved with GSA!



Lijing "Lily" Ma

Lijing (Lily) Ma is a fourth year PhD student in the Department of Psychology, studying social psychology. She's interested in doing research related to romantic relationships. She has also taught undergraduate courses in research methods and statistics.


Madeline Bruce

Madeline (Mads) Bruce is a third year PhD student in the Department of Psychology, studying clinical psychology. Her research is at the intersection of traumatic stress and positive psychology, studying topics of posttraumatic growth and resiliency. She has also taught undergraduate courses in abnormal psychology.


Public and Social Policy

Iordyem "Matthew" Ma

Iordyem (Matthew) Ma is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Political Science. He is studying Public and Social Policy with a concentration in Public Administration. He is interested in doing research related to multiculturalism, immigration, and the identity of immigrants. In his free time, he likes watching soccer and traveling to explore new places.


Public Health (MPH)

Daniel Humphrey

Daniel Humphrey is a graduate student at SLU's College for Public Health and Social Justice. His expected degree is a Master of Science (M.S.) in Biostatistics and Health Analytics. He's originally from Nashville, Tennessee, but decided to move to St. Louis for my undergrad and graduate studies.


Robbie Wunderlich

Robert is an MPH candidate at SLU’s college for public health and social justice. He plans to focus on epidemiology and biostatistics as well as disaster preparedness. He is originally from St. Louis, but did his undergraduate studies in chemistry at Wabash College located in Crawfordsville, Indiana. After SLU, he hopes to either matriculate into and MD or pHD program, or return to working in the (healthcare) business field as a public health consultant or data-analyst. Robert Also spent the last two years working at a biotechnology firm in West Lafayette, Indiana. He is excited to be back in his hometown for his graduate studies and Looks forward to helping out however he can (including St. Louis-related/restaurant/activity recommendations and questions).


Public Health Studies (PhD)

Shreya Negendra

Shreya is originally from Southern India and moved to St. Louis to pursue a Masters in Public Health at SLU's College of Public Health and Social Justice (CPHSJ). In 2018, she graduated from the master's program. Currently, she's a second-year public health doctoral student at CPHSJ, concentrating in Behavioral Science and Health Education. Her broad area of research is sexual and reproductive health.


Social Work (PhD)

Mirvat "Mimi" Termos

Mirvat is a doctoral student in the Social Work Department of the College of Public Health and Social Justice at Saint Louis University. Mirvat earned her BS in Nutrition and her Master of Public Health at the America University of Beirut. Mirvat specialized in health promotion and community health and has expertise in advocating for women and refugees’ rights in the Middle East. Mirvat has experience in organizing workshops focusing on women’s empowerment and skills in human rights advocacy, democracy building, political action, participatory leadership, and program evaluation. Prior to entering her Ph.D. program, Mirvat worked as a Public Health researcher on Youth and Women’s rights in Beirut. Working in the field of women’s empowerment is where Mirvat discovered the huge magnitude of violence experienced by women throughout their lifespans. She is currently researching violence against women focusing on women from the Global South.


Courtney Henrichsen

Courtney Henrichsen is a second year PhD student in the School of Social Work. A St. Louis area native, Courtney graduated from University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) with her Bachelor of Social Work in 2015, and graduated from SLU’s Master of Social Work (MSW) program in 2018. While working on her MSW, Courtney worked in student affairs as the Campus Life and Leadership Coordinator at East Central College. This experience led to her current primary research topic: food insecurity in rural America.



Theological Studies

Danny Cox

I am originally from the Midwest, having earned a bachelor's in philosophy in my home state of Michigan and then a master's in philosophy while living in Scotland. I then moved to Saint Louis to continue my studies in philosophy and theology. I have a strong interest in continental philosophy, postmodern theology, and the history of religious thought.


Josh Sturgeon

Josh is a second year Christian Theology Ph.D student.


Urban Studies


Women's and Gender Studies