Responsibilities and Contract

Responsibilities for GSA Department Representatives

A department representative or an alternate must do the following for a department to be in good standing with GSA:

  • Attend 3 of 4 meetings a semester;

  • Forward all GSA emails to your department;

  • Actively participate on one GSA committee; and

  • Provide a department volunteer and two faculty judges to assist at the symposium.

All Department Representatives must complete a GSA Representative Contract and have it signed by the Department Chair.

The GSA Representative Contract can be downloaded here.

Note: The following graduate programs do not have voting privileges in GSA and are ineligible for Conference and Brennan Awards:

  • All programs in the School for Professional Studies

  • All programs in the School of Social Work (other than PhD students)

  • All programs in the Chaifetz School of Business (other than PhD students)

In addition, faculty and staff members of SLU who are also graduate students are only eligible for the aforementioned funding if they pay the Graduate Student Activities Fee each semester.