Graduate Student Association

Greetings from the GSA!

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) represents graduate students at Saint Louis University. The GSA is governed by elected officers and its General Assembly consists of one representative from each graduate department (or in some cases, a degree program). GSA sponsors the annual Graduate Student Research Symposium which showcases graduate student research, in both paper and poster formats. Graduate students may also apply for GSA awards for conference presentation and attendance, publication assistance, as well as summer research support towards thesis, dissertation, and exam preparation.

For more general information, please see our Constitution and Bylaws.


We have some major academic affairs happening this semester.  Please click on the links for more information:
  • The 25th Annual Graduate Research Symposium will be held on Friday, April 26, 2019.  The Call for Abstracts will begin in late January.
  • Applications for Brennan Summer Fellowship Awards will be available starting late January.
  • Nominations for GSA Recognition Awards will run concurrently with the Brennan Award Applications.  Please note that there is a new award, the GSA Student Leadership Award, in addition to the three existing awards.
  • Applications for Alpha Epsilon Lambda, the Graduate Student Honor Society, will be available in late January.

Kickball Tournament and Picnic - Saturday, September 22

We had a great turnout on Saturday for the 2018 version of the Annual GSA Kickball Tournament!  We had 7 teams and around 100 graduate students participate, which is the most we have had since 2014.  Congratulations to the "Trash Boys and Treasure Girls" (Center for Anatomical Science), who defeated "Death by APA" (Department of Communication), 7-4, in the championship game. We would like to give special thanks to Quinn Peoples and Matt Beitscher for umpiring the six games of the tournament.

We Have Moved!
The GSA Office has moved from 131 Ritter Hall to 213 Verhaegen Hall.  

Spring 2019 General Assembly Meeting Dates Set
General Assembly Meeting dates and times have been set; see the General Assembly link on the left.

Conference Awards Updates
Please see the Conference Awards page for some new updates, including increased funding for presenting at conferences!

GSA 2018 Annual Awards
We would like to congratulate the following individuals on their 2018 GSA Awards:

2018 Recognition Awards
  • Graduate Teaching - Kathleen Walkowiak
  • Graduate Student Service - Garvaundo Hamilton
  • Graduate Student Service - Stephanie Blagaich
  • Faculty Mentorship - Dr. Ryan McCulla

2018 Brennan Summer Fellowship Awards
  • Test Preparation
    • Blanca Santonja Gonzalez
    • Nicholas Lewis
  • Research
    • Heather Schier
    • Charles Kim
    • Isaac Arten
    • Joshua Schendel
    • Cornelia Fanter
    • Nickolas Steinauer
2018 Symposium Awards
  • Paper Categories
    • Humanities
      • 1st Place - Nicole Koopman
      • 2nd Place - Samuel Klee
      • 3rd Place - Patrick Connolly
    • Biological Sciences
      • 1st Place - Katherine Hixon
      • 2nd Place - Alan Moss
      • 3rd Place - Elizabeth Walker
    • Social Sciences
      • T-1st Place - Meghan Murray
      • T-1st Place - Daphne Lew
      • 3rd Place - Tara Smith
    • Physical Sciences
      • T-1st Place - Adaline Buerck
      • T-1st Place - Adam Arce
      • 3rd Place - Kayla Lockmiller
  • Poster Categories
    • Biological Sciences
      • 1st Place - Mariah Hassert
      • 2nd Place - Shannon Kelly
      • 3rd Place - Lindsay Hill
    • Social Sciences
      • 1st Place - Tara Ruggeri
      • 2nd Place - Karin Meeker
      • 3rd Place - Kristen Wehmeyer
    • Physical Sciences
      • 1st Place - Erienne TeSelle
      • 2nd Place - Chelsea Sondergard
      • T-3rd Place - Melissa Hopfinger
      • T-3rd Place - Emily Deeba

Note from the GSA President (June 7, 2017): Due to the ongoing budget cuts at the university, there is no longer a graduate student administrator overseeing administrative functions for the GSA.  Please be patient with us as we transition away from having a graduate administrative assistant.  All functions will now be handled by the GSA executive board with assistance from the Office of Graduate Education.  Continue to direct any general questions or concerns to or call (314) 977-2234.