Department Allocations

Department allocations are distributed during December of each year to departments represented and considered to be in good standing within the GSA. Information on department standing requirements and potential forfeiture of funds can be found in the GSA Bylaws.

GSA Department Representatives are responsible for submitting the GSA Departmental Allocation Form to request approval of proposed department purchases (Note: Click on the form link and then download the form to edit; do not request access to edit the form). All department allocations are paid out through each department's fund manager.

Process for Requesting Use of Department Allocations

  1. Department graduate students come to a consensus on use of funds (see Department Allocation Form for eligible expenses).

  2. GSA Department Representative completes the Departmental Allocation Form which includes:

  • Description of purchase

  • GSA Department Representative signature

  • Department Chair signature

  1. Completed form is emailed to GSA VP of Finance (

  2. After form has been approved by the GSA Executive Board, the GSA Department Representative(s) will work with fund manager to use funds.

Questions? Department Representatives can email for additional information.